CleanForce MEGA 1000 Air Purifier--The most affordable, high-performance air purifiers to satisfy all your home and workplace requirements.

CleanForce MEGA1000 is an Extra-Large Room Air Purifier (which also performs exceptionally well in small spaces) to filter unwanted air pollutants! The Mega-1000 offers up to triple the purification capacity of competitive options, along with tons of features that you will love.In fact, the CleanForce Mega-1000’s CADR value can reach to 1000m3/h (600CFM). it is the highest CADR value in the market. The CleanForce machine can easily clean 930 sq. Ft in 15 minutes(ACH=5) and 4650sq.ft in 60 minutes(ACH=1).

Moreover, CleanForce 2x4-stage filtration system offers up to 8-layers of protection!

Multi-integrated Filtration Technology with H13 Medical-Grade HEPA

offers 2X4 stage filtration, traps 99. 97% of ultra-fine particles and allergens down to 0. 1 micron

It is energy star certified, ETL listed, FCC certified, has an EPA registration, and is approved by Prop 65 and the California air resources board (CARB). So, you know you’re getting a top-performing large air purifier that you can trust.

Fully Certification You Can Trust

ETL Safety Listed

Energy Star Certification

FCC Verification

CARB Certification

CP65 Certification

EPA Registration

Designed as an air purifier for Large Rooms, the CleanForce MEGA1000, is also popularly used as a commercial air purifier as well as an air purifier for the office.This is the most affordable high-performance, large air purifier to satisfy all your requirements.Experts agree that large air purifiers are effective for use in your home, office, and commercial spaces.

Among the main benefits of all CleanForce Air Purifiers are:

* They reduce the chances of airborne diseases such as the common cold and flu, which are spread through tiny pathogens floating around.
* The CleanForce Mega-1000 large air purifier eliminates 99. 97% of fine particles and allergens down to 0.1 micron
* The H13 Medical-grade HEPA filters capture bacteria and viruses and allow you to safeguard yourself, your family, and your co-workers. At home, they protect elderly people, children, or anyone with a weakened immune system.
* The CleanForce Mega-1000 relieves symptoms of asthma (according to the CDC).
* Air Purifiers eliminate harmful chemicals from indoor environments, neutralize unpleasant odors, reduce the chances of airborne diseases.
*Studies show that large air purifiers can also increase life expectancy.
* They improve your sleep: Indoor allergens such as bacteria, fungi, and dust mites can trigger allergies or hay fever. Hay fever causes a runny nose and can last up to several weeks. Frequent sneezing, coughing, nose congestion, watery eyes, or sore throat are some common allergic symptoms, disrupting your sleep.Lack of adequate sleep causes daytime drowsiness, affecting your productivity the next morning. To avoid these sleep disruptions, use the CleanForce Mega-1000 air purifier as they filter most allergens from your room. Cleaner air gives you a better night’s sleep.

Technical specs:

* CleanForce MEGA1000 large air purifier has an advanced 2X4-stage filtration system offers up to eight-layers of purification.
* The two extra-large plastic pre-filters and two multi-integrated filter sets allow it to filter bacteria and viruses.The Multi-Integrated filter sets combine a non-woven cloth, an H13 medical-grade HEPA filter, and an activated carbon filter... all in one.
* The MEGA1000 has dual air Inlets, dual fans, and delivers 360 degree air purification. Their filtration technology is specially designed for large space purification. Its dual air inlet, dual fan, and dual filter design enable its CADR value to reach 1000m3/h (600CFM). In contrast, most large space purifiers now on the market have CADR values between 500-750 m3/h (300-450cfm).
* The Mega-1000 Touch Screen Panel is easy to use and its smart mode offers you real-time data on the air quality.
* Its four-colored indicator lights change in real-time, as the pollution level in the room changes.
* It has a child safety lock to prevent children from incorrect operation.
* Using its 12-hour timer, you can set the running time of the air purifier to automatically switch on or off.It has four fan speeds to choose from, depending on the air quality of your room.The touch screen panel also has a filter replacement indicator which flashes to remind you when you need to replace the filter.

The most user-friendly design of all air purifiers for large rooms

*CleanForce’s new Mega-1000 large air purifier is made of safe and non-toxic materials which have all passed the CP65 test.
*Hidden Wheels: There are four sturdy wheels at the base of the unit which means it can be moved around effortlessly, making it the perfect air purifier for the office.
*Unique automatic power-off: When opening the cover, if you forget to unplug the power, the machine will automatically switch off to protect the safety of workers or in the home.

CleanForce’s Multi-integrated Filter Sets eliminate 99. 97% of fine particles and allergens down to 0.1 micron, almost unheard of in the industry.

There are four types of filters:
1.Plastic pre-filters
2.Non-woven cloth filters
3.The H13 medical-grade HEPA filter
4.Activated carbon filter.

The Path To Clean Air

Plastic Pre-filters

Washable and serve as the first line of defense against larger particles like hair, pet dander, lint.It is designed to extend the life of the multi-integrated filter up to 4300 hours.

Antibacterial Cloth Filters (NON-WOVEN)

It reduces the growth of allergen like house dust mite(Der f 2), pollen and mold spore(black mold, Cladosporium, Penicillium, and Aspergillus)

The H13 Medical-grade HEPA filter

True HEPA filter traps 99.97% of extra-fine particles as small as 0.1 microns. It filters DNA/RNA based virus-like H1N1 Influenza, MERS, and bacterial as Escherichia Coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and Salmonella.

Activated Carbon Filter

 uses a superior coconut shell, which absorbs smoke, wildfire smoke, cooking odor, pet odor, chemical odor, and fitment pollution odors like Formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, TVOCs.

About CleanForce Air, "better air, better life”:

We are a company dedicated to bringing hi-tech air purifying products to the market. We make the latest in air purification technology widely available to improve indoor air quality for families everywhere. To ensure our products perform at the highest levels and incorporate the latest technology, we have partnered with the world’s most respected testing labs. CleanForce purifiers are all fully verified and subjected to strict testing, meeting and exceeding quality control standards for energy efficiency, performance, and safety.Moving forward, CleanForce plans to continue designing the most affordable high-performance air purifiers to satisfy all customer requirements. Our goal is always to deliver "better air, better life.”

See the range of CleanForce products: Check their website or check them out on Amazon.

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