At CleanForce Air, we pride ourselves in our unyielding commitment to bringing the most innovative air-purifying products to the market. And to ensure our cutting-edge products consistently exceed our — and your — expectations, we’ve partnered with the world’s most respected testing labs to stay true to our vision.
That dedication is on fully display with our latest product.
Introducing the CleanForce Rainbow Air Purifier.

Choose your favorite three colors

With the CleanForce Rainbow, we asked ourselves: What can we give our customers beyond maximum air purification? How else can it improve their home? The answer became quickly became clear: let’s add style! So we’re going to offer the CleanForce Rainbow in three colors, and we need your help to pick from green, blue, pink, gray and yellow. Just let us know which three colors are your favorite, and you’ll receive a 40% off coupon before the product’s release! Our plan is to use your feedback to bring the top three colors to market first.

But the color options aren’t the only thing that sets this incredible air purifier apart from the competition. With the latest in air-purification technology and the help of renowned experts, the CleanForce Rainbow is truly top of its class. Its H13 medical-grade true HEPA filters are proven to remove 99.97% of particles as small as 0.1 microns, as well as trapping allergens, pet dander, RNA-/DNA-based viruses, bacteria and more. Plus, its remarkable coverage extends to 2,325 sq. ft.

You can easily operate it with the LED touchscreen panel, or use the accompanying app to use and monitor it from anywhere. It can also be paired with Alexa technology for easy voice command. Plus, its HD LED display to make filtration monitoring a snap.

The CleanForce Rainbow also has built-in iLDT laser sensor smart technology, enabling it to give you real-time readings of your air’s quality. This feature also automatically adjusts fan’s four speed levels based on its readings for greater efficiency and smarter energy use.

The CleanForce Rainbow is set to launch this coming fall, and we want your help in bringing the right colors to market. Simply reply to this email to give us your top three color choices, and we’ll send you a 40% discount coupon in advance of your purchase. For more information, visit today, or call 213-289-3385.

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