CLEANFORCE MEGA1000 Air Purifier for home large room
CLEANFORCE MEGA1000 Air Purifier for home large room
CLEANFORCE MEGA1000 Air Purifier for home large room
CLEANFORCE MEGA1000 Air Purifier for home large room
CLEANFORCE MEGA1000 Air Purifier for home large room
CLEANFORCE MEGA1000 Air Purifier for home large room
CLEANFORCE MEGA1000 Air Purifier for home large room
CLEANFORCE MEGA1000 Air Purifier for home large room
CLEANFORCE MEGA1000 Air Purifier for home large room

CLEANFORCE MEGA1000 Air Purifier for home large room


njoy fresh, clean air in your home all year round! Nothing is more important than the health and safety of your family and the CleanForce Extra Large Room Air Purifier performs exceptionally well in large or small spaces to filter various pollutants! This model offers up to triple the purification capacity of competitive options along with tons of features that you will love.

Turn it on and improve air quality in a 4650 square foot space in just one hour. Smaller areas take even less time to remove pollutants such as dust, pet dander, smoke, pollen, while also absorbing smoke, wildfire smoke, cooking odors, pet odors, and VOCs. Dual air intake and twin-turbo fans offer up to 2X4 layers of filtration through two plastic pre-filters and two multi-Integrated Filter Sets& combining non-woven fabrics filter, H13 Medical Grade HEPA filter, and activated carbon filter all in one. This is the perfect solution for anyone who is looking to improve.

Easy-to-use touch screen controls allow you to customize your filtration with the touch of a button. And colorful LED indicators (also changeable) help you monitor filtration. For such a powerful air filter, the CleanForce Extra Large Room Air Purifier runs quietly enough for sleep, creating a restful, soothing, and CLEAN environment!

The CleanForce Extra Large Room Air Purifier comes complete with a 2-year warranty and California-based Customer Service.
ETL Control Number: 5017811. FCC Certified: HTT202005034FR. Energy Star unique ID number: 2367855. CARB EO: G-20-195. CP65 Compliant: 200501108SHA-001.


30-day Free Return

Trustworthy After-sale Service

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The highest CADR in the market!


 m3/h CADR


sqft per hour


layers of filtration


watts max only

No contest competition with Superior Design

Exceptional purification capacity whilst maintaining user-friendly design and smart technologies to ensure the purifier operates efficiently.

Touch Screen Panel

Very easy to use

HD LED Display

Can be clearly seen to monitor filtration function

High-Precision Laser Particle Sensor

Faster real-time data measurement for air quality.

High-efficient DC motor& Twin-turbo Fans System

Allowing maximum air purication capacity but save your energy bills

Open Cover Power-off Protection

Maximize the products safety

Multi-integrated Filters

Plastic Pre-filter, Non-woven Cloth Filter, H13 medical-grade HEPA filter and Activated Carbon Filter. All in one

Hidden Wheels

Offer excellent mobility


Advanced double Filtration System consists of 2 extra large plastic pre-filters and 2 Multi-Integrated Filter Sets, which offer up to 8 layers of filtration. Multi-Integrated Filter Sets combine a non-woven cloth filter, an H13 medical-grade HEPA filter, and an activated carbon filter... all in one!

Plastic Pre-filters

NON-WOVEN Cloth Filters

The H13 Medical-grade HEPA filter

Activated Carbon Filter

Smart and Quiet

Instead of operating at a fixed speed, the smart/auto mode allows the air purifier to run more efficiently by automatically adjusting the fan’s speed based on what the air-quality is like at the time. This helps save energy and ensures you are not running the machine at full-power when it is not needed. The MEGA1000 also runs at a very quiet decibel of only 35 which is usually quiet enough for most people to sleep through as it sounds like white noise. Most air purifiers can not reach such a high CADR number while making a much louder noise than MEGA1000.

User-Friendly Design

For such an advanced and complex device, the Mega1000 is ridiculously easy to use. There is a touch screen panel that can be found at the top of the machine and a LED display at the front to help monitor the filtration.

The touch screen panel allows you to access all of the features, including sleep mode, timer, filter replacement reminder, power, child-lock, light, smart/auto mode, and fan speed. There is also an indicator light that lets you know whether the air quality is poor, moderate, good or very good. You can also operate the machine with a remote that is included upon purchase.


Auto Mode

Four-Fan Speed

Sleep Mode

12 Hours Timer

Child Safety Lock

Filter Replacement indicator


Poor Air Quality

Moderate Air Quality

Good Quality

Very Good Air Quality

HD LED Display

help monitor filtration

HD LED display shows the particle index number and filter service in real time. You will be instantly aware of the air quality conditions, and then, know when to change your filter.

Filter Service Life

Can be clearly seen to monitor filtration function

Fan Speed Display

Four different Speed settings

PM2.5 Index Number

Real-time data response to air quality

User-Friendly Design

Safe Non-toxic Material

The machine is made of completely safe & non-toxic materials, which passed the CP65 test

Hidden Wheels

There are four sturdy wheels at the base of the unit, that means , itcan be effortlessly moved around.

Automatic power off ofcover opening

When opening the cover, if you forget to unplug the power, the machine will automatically cut off power to protect the personal safety

Remote Control

Using the remote control, you can operate the purifier from a distance.

Model /UPCMEGA1000 / 634715349972
CADR600 ft3/min (1000 m3/h)
Rated Input
AC 120V 60Hz 88W
Power Plug TypeType_a_2 pin_na
Noise Level
35-64 dB
Filter Service Life
6-12 months
Motor TypeDC Motor
Product Dimensions36.4 lbs  14.57 × 15.55 × 31.5 inches
Package Dimensions41.9 lbs 16.9 × 17.3 × 33.3 inches
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